What to expect?

Our online courses consist of video tutorials and pdf booklets. We use little models to show the idea of the pattern and then show you the whole process of making a garment from scratch. Have a look!


Want to make your own clothes but don't know where to start? Try this course! Simple techniques to make your own patterns & a new wardrobe!

CLUB & FESTIVAL WEAR made simple

Do you enjoy good music but feel like you have nothing to wear to a club? With this course you'll learn to make your own outfits in no time!


A good hoody dress is comfy and life saving when you "have nothing to wear". Length, size, sleeves, pockets, fabric: all for you to decide!

Three courses: Basic wardrobe, Club wear & Hoody dress

Get all three courses for a special price! Basic wardrobe and Club wear do have similar lessons, but club wear is a more extensive course.

Oversized blouse & dress (pattern and mini course)

This is a mini course that comes with a pattern and short video explanations how to make a blouse or a dress from our collection Valencia.


Sometimes clothes get old. Is that it? Not necessarily: I'll show you a few techniques & teach you how to give your old clothes new life!


Can a gym bag be functional and meet YOUR needs? Hell yeah! Check out this short free course and learn to make your own!


On "Hoody dress" course: "I enjoyed this class. The instructions were clear. I feel like I could make this dress. In fact I want to make this dress many times! Thank you Liza! I look forward to more video lessons. I will submit my dress once I make it."
Raquel Luce
On "Basic Wardrobe" course: "I didn't know that sewing could be THAT simple. Thank you Liza! I have made my first garment and it feels so good! Now I am full of ideas to make more things, to upcycle and to create!"
Georgie Blackfield
On "Basic wardrobe" course: Initially I bought the course for myself but soon realised I could make clothes for my daughter too! Brilliant course!! Easy to follow and I'm really excited about what I'm going to make!
On "Basic wardrobe" course: The course is really good, but I was hoping for more information about using the sewing machine. The brochure is a great help.
Susan P.