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Hi there! My name is Elizaveta Bennett, I am a co-founder and creative director of Studio Arkdefo. I stopped buying clothes in 2019 and encourage you to join this more ethical and sustainable path as well! The fashion industry is, sadly, one of the greatest polluters. Luckily, designing clothes and making them is much easier than we are made to believe. I am here to help you to become your very own fashion designer. All courses are 100% online and are yours for life <3


A course designed to inspire kids to create, design and make their own clothes in a fun yet effective way!


Want to make your own clothes but don't know where to start? Try this course! Simple techniques to make your own patterns & a new wardrobe!


Learn to make tops and t-shirts from scratch: choose the fabric, design a pattern, make the top!


Learn to make cozy jumpers for yourself and your family! V-neck or turtle neck? Your design, your choice!


Comfy t-shirt dresses, warm dresses with longer sleeves or ones from tutu mesh? Pick your fabric, design the pattern and make what you want!


A good hoody dress is comfy and life saving when you "have nothing to wear". Length, size, sleeves, pockets, fabric: all for you to decide!


Tired of searching for a pair of relaxed trousers that fits YOU? Search no more, design and make you own! With pockets as deep as you want;)


This is a mini course that comes with a pattern and short video explanations how to make a blouse or a dress from our collection Valencia.

Gift vouchers

We had so many requests to add gift vouchers and here it is!  If you'd like to purchase one (or a few) of our courses as a present, please drop us a message first and we will explain how it works. We will design a personalised voucher with a custom code that you can send via email or print it out!


On "Hoody dress" course: "I enjoyed this class. The instructions were clear. I feel like I could make this dress. In fact I want to make this dress many times! Thank you Liza! I look forward to more video lessons. I will submit my dress once I make it."
Raquel Luce
On "Basic Wardrobe" course: "I didn't know that sewing could be THAT simple. Thank you Liza! I have made my first garment and it feels so good! Now I am full of ideas to make more things, to upcycle and to create!"
Georgie Blackfield
On "Sewing & Fashion Design for kids" course: 
My 9 year old daughter has just completed this course and has thoroughly enjoyed it. It has ignited her creative side and she has loved choosing fabric and proudly shows her makes to friends and family. She even had a sideline in selling some of the scrunchies and bags she made! It is a very clearly laid out course, easy to understand and has been a lovely way to spend time together. Since completing the course, she has also learnt how to make masks. Now that she can make some of her own clothes, her next project is planning her own outfit for Christmas! I am very pleased to have found this course as it has provided her with a skill for life.
Fiona MacPherson
On "Basic wardrobe" course: Initially I bought the course for myself but soon realised I could make clothes for my daughter too! Brilliant course!! Easy to follow and I'm really excited about what I'm going to make!
On "Basic wardrobe" course: The course teaches mainly how to draft your own patterns instead of buying shop bought patterns, just working with what you have around at home. I absolutely love the concept! I’ve never drafted my own patterns really before, I did one course when I was a teenager but apart from that I’ve never done that. And it’s really easy! I really loved the course, completely took the fear out of pattern drafting for me!
Innes Vautier
On "Basic wardrobe" course: The course is really good, but I was hoping for more information about using the sewing machine. The brochure is a great help.
Susan P.